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As a member we hope to expand the reach of our initiatives and raise awareness and support for our cause!

Key technologies enabling Location-based Service

Telco RAN

Using Cell trace information collected from RAN vendor. Telco could calculate the location of it’s subscribers using Cell tower triangulation.

Used by Telco to monitor and optimize their RAN, as well as analyze their subscriber.


Space-based satellite navigation system that provides accurate location information to GPS-enabled devices.

Used in most navigation systems and mobile phones to provide directions or locate and target the consumer with customized content.


Most common wireless technology exchange for connecting devices to the Internet using radio waves.

Preferred technology to engage consumers with  digital content. Many brands sponsor Wi-Fi hot spots to give free Internet access in exchange for consumer engagement and data.


Enables a bluetooth enabled mobile devices to discover it and report it’s hyper-location to beacon/app owner.

Placed in strategic locations, sends mobile alerts with info, coupons or rewards to consumers when they approach a certain area.


Establishes short-range communication between devices by touching or bringing them into proximity.

Near Field Communication (NFC) can be used for cashless payments (i.e. Google Wallet) or tags can also be embedded into non electric objects to interact with consumers.


By utilizing the built-in magnetic sensor within a smartphone, detect anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field to enable technology to accurately pinpoint and track a person’s location indoors.

Use include advertising, point-of-interest (search), wayfinding and much more.

Use Cases

Consumer Loyalty

Integrated iBeacon technology with existing mobile app to reward customers for spending time at the restaurant and uses this information to assign ratings with offers such as a free drink or a quick table allotment on their arrival.


Rail passengers could soon have their tickets verified automatically as they walk through fare gates at a station, using a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled mobile ticketing app

Process Improvements

Integrated order-ahead capabilities help restaurants increase their average order value by cutting down on waiting time. This also helps you ensure that your staff has the meal prepared on time.

Event Engagement

During games and when near the stadium, provide user with updated information & engage with them throughout the game with trivial and promotions.

Personal Safety

Stay Connected, Stay Safe. Nothing beats knowing that your family is safe.


Integrating direction and POI information with location enhance your user experience

Scavenger Hunt

Gamify Experience – Using beacon for hyper-location engagement

Location Based Marketing

User Journey – From activation to completion

There are endless possibilities, only limited by your imagination.

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Our team comprise of experts with many years of experience in various domain and is dedicated to providing you with efficient solution.

Getting the most out of your strategy is our upmost priority.


Our cutting edge location technology allows you to pinpoints users’ real time physical location, enabling you to precisely target the right audiences.

Comprehensive solution covering both indoor and outdoor environments.



Combining our cutting edge location technology with domain specific meta data, we can infer and add relevance to each users’ behavior.

Location is that piece of puzzle that help complete the picture.



No one-size fit all and no tie in to any specific vendor. Each proposed solution is customized specifically to match your requirements.

Rest assured that proposed solution is in your interest only.


Work with us to cut through the complexity of today’s rapidly changing marketplace. We leverage our knowledge and skills to develop practical solutions to help you compete stronger.

Let us solve your problem.


Actionable insights is what matters and are the missing link for companies that want to drive business outcomes from their data.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure.


With our advance analytic feature, you gain access to information at your finger tips and answer questions that you never thought possible.

It’s almost like having a crystal ball.


Businesses need seamless integration and interoperability throughout an enterprise. Our solution is open to integrating with any third-parties through API.

We don’t play alone, we develop Win-Win situations.


Findmily is a not for profit, social project that helps families and close friends stay in contact literally while maintaining privacy!

Three key factors are taken into consideration in our design which is privacy, energy consumption and convenience.

We adopted a registration mechanism that refrain from asking personal information from the user that is prevalent among other apps.

Energy consumed is conserved by utilizing the OS native ecosystem which range from varying accuracy, time update interval, idle time etc.

Significant effort is also spent enhancing accessibility to elderly group by adjusting font, color and reducing unnecessary steps to trigger critical escalation.

Our objective is to make ensure optimal usability across geography, culture, custom and routine.

Our Focus

Dementia | Elderly | Children

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Founded in 2016, GEOBAL aims to be at the forefront of Location & Behaviour Analytics Innovation.

A Design & Technology company focusing on exploring ways in simplifying user experiences and maximising Innovations.

Simple Innovations, Effective Solutions.

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